It’s 2:45 am. I went to bed at 1:35 am and I am still awake. A lot of things will change in upcoming months, specifically in the second quarter of the year 2016. This blog will be a witness to the changes I go through.

Why am I thinking of what will happen and how will I handle things?

Why restlessness?

I am feeling nostalgic. Mummy will move from our home, that she built with Papa facing all the struggles this life offers so that they both and their kids have a nice place to stay, their own place to stay. We always plan for long distant possibilities. We make sacrifices to make things in our distant future possible. And then the world changes.

Right now, a lot of things are going in my head. Some Hindi movie song is playing, I am seeing pictures of my home in Bikaner, the drawing room, lobby, kitchen, study, bed rooms, everything about that sweet home is coming back to my mind.

Lets see what way time leads us!
As Time, of all, brings greatest transformations!